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Client List

02a-wefitKey for services:
AD=print/web advertising
W=web site
ED=writing and editorial
G=graphic design

Atherton Bagpipes - AD, G
Ayrshire Bagpipes - AD
Bannatyne Bagpipes - AD
Bruce Gandy Music - AD, W, ED, C, G
Cape Breton Piper [Barry Shears] - W
Channel Islands Bagpiping - G, W
Come2Drum [James Laughlin] - W, ED, C
Construction Labour Relations Association - AD, W, G
David Naill Bagpipes - AD, ED, G
Diabetes Discovery & Navigation - G, AD, W, C
Dr. Lachlan McWilliams - W
Esthetics by Denise - W
Freerange Multicultural Band - W, G, C
The George Sherriff Memorial - W
Glengarry Pipe Band - W
The Gordon Duncan Trust - AD, W, C
Halifax Citadel-AD
Health Quality Council - G
Henderson Reedmakers - AD, W, ED, G
Highlandgear - AD
Hosbilt - AD, W
Knotted Thistle Pub [Regina Travelodge] - W
KWD Magazine - AD, ED, G, W, C
Lee and Sons Bagpipes -AD, G, C
Masters of Scottish Arts - AD
Mayor Drum Supply (Chicago) - W, C
McCarthy Highland Services - AD, C
McGillivray Piping - AD, W, G
Megarity Reedmakers - W
Mr. Antony - AD
Ontario School of Piping - AD, G [Colin MacLellan] - AD, W, G
Piper's Choice - AD
pipes|drums - AD, ED, C, G
Piping Hot Summer Drummer - AD, W, ED, G - AD, W, ED, G
R.G. Hardie Ltd. - AD
Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band - AD, ED, W
Ross Reedmakers - AD, ED, W
Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses - G, C
Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners - W
Saskatchewan Highland Gathering and Celtic Festival - AD, C, W, ED
Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association - AD, W, G, C
Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association - AD, ED, W, G, C
Scott's Highland Services - AD
SFU Pipe Band - AD, W, ED, C, G
Somers Bagpipes - AD, W, ED, C
Strathmore Bagpipes - W, AD, G, C
Svedahl & Associates - W
Tartantown - AD, G, C
Transcona Pipe Band - W
The Stratford Sessions - ED, W, G
The Utopia Chronology - W, C
Vincent Murphy - W, C
Washington DC Fire Department, Emerald Society Pipes & Drums - W
Week in Paradise summer school - AD
WeFit Energy - W, AD, C, G

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